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Squamish Community Church.
Is a loving Christian community, and it is our desire to reach the lost with the salvation message of Jesus, to disciple the church toward spiritual maturity, and to encourage and equip each other to be able to minister in our giftings to our Church and community.

Moving into the future.
While we honestly don't know what the future holds we are confident in Him who holds the future in His hands.

We are a worshiping community.
We are a community that values worship that is vibrant, dynamic and spontaneous. The only approprate response that man can offer for the free gift of salvation needs to begin in worshiping the Giver in spirit and truth.

There is something absolutely exhilarating about being caught up in worship. Gathering together beginning to sing, lifting voices, hearts and hands to the Lord God Almighty and getting lost in Him, which is true worship. Come let us worship and bow down.

Fellowship gatherings and picnics.
We as a church gather often for the purpose of building community within the assembly. Our fellowship meetings are held in various formats, soup and sandwich luncheons, church banquets and picnics during the warmer months. During these gatherings we as community enjoy each other’s company in the presence of our Lord and Saviour.

Why food and fellowship.
There is something about breaking bread that brings people together; it creates an open atmosphere for discussion. During such times there is an opportunity for people to get together and know each other in ways that just don’t happen only during worship services. These are deliberate community building events.

Church History

Squamish Community Church celebrated our 50th Anniversary in October of 2007: The church was originally named "Squamish Evangelistic Tabernacle" by our founding Pastor Rev. Jack York. Over the years the name changed again to Squamish Pentecostal Assembly and finally to Squamish Community Church. The church building has been at its current location since 1957. Although we have had a few renovations to the building it is still the building that was originally laid down for the purpose of honouring and glorifying God in Squamish.

Authentically Pentecostal

First to be Authentically Pentecostal means one must be thoroughly biblical in world view it is for this purpose that Pentecostals are often called "Full Gospel". We simply don't side step difficult portions of Scripture or try to side step them to appease any previously held doctrine. Thus the Word of God dictates our doctrine not our doctrine dictating how we read or interprete the Word of God.

Our Central Focuses

As a Christian church we are a multi-focused community; our first primary focus is to know our God. This has been established by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepting His sacrificial death at Calvary. Second only to knowing God is to make Him known; this is the evangelistic endeavour of the church and one of the primary reasons why we gather. Another of the primary focuses of this church is the nurture and growth of those who are in relationship with Christ and His people.

Looking for a Family Friendly Church

We are a church that respects and supports families. Further we strive to be a church that feels more like a family environment then that of a stale dry institution. Thus we would like to welcome you to come home to church.
Coming to church for children is often a tedious and boring event, at SCC the children often take part in the worship service by singing and dancing at the front of the church. This is often a natural expression of joy for a child what better way to allow them to enter into to Worshiping our God and King then to allow them to do what just comes natural. Depending on the service the children are released either part way through the worship service or at the end the children are encouraged to head downstairs for children's church.

About Us

We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Contact Information

Box 375, 38647 Buckley Ave
Squamish, BC V8B 0A3
Phone: 1(604) 892-3680
E-mail: info@squamish-church.org